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Managing waste holding tanks is not exactly pleasant by any stretch of the imagination but it remains critical in RVing. If inadequately treated, wastes in the holding tanks would let out nasty odors and prevent owners of recreational vehicles from enjoying themselves on the road.

So as you plan for upcoming trips with your rig, it’s strongly recommended that you include a solid waste tank treatment into your inventory. By keeping a quality treatment for tanks onboard, you should be able to quickly and conveniently tackle waste while traveling which helps optimize outdoor experiences.

With so many treatments for waste holding tanks of recreational vehicles available for purchase, you don’t have to worry about running out of options. Nevertheless, to grab the best RV holding tank treatment for your rig, a good understanding of market products is indispensable.

Best RV Holding Tank Treatments Comparison Chart

 Product's namePriceKey FeaturesMore Info
Happy Campers RV Holding Tank Treatment - 64 treatmentsHappy Campers RV Holding Tank Treatment - 64 treatments$49.45Capacity: 64.0 Ounces
Weight: 4.2 Pounds
Extended treatment interval
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Camco 41197 TST Ultra-Concentrate Orange Scent RV Toilet Treatment, Formaldehyde Free, Breaks Down...Camco 41197 TST Ultra-Concentrate Orange Scent RV Toilet Treatment,... $16.88Capacity: 128.0 Ounces
Weight: 12.5 Pounds
Fresh citrus scent
Non-formaldehyde formula
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RV Holding Tank Deodorizer + Septic Tank Treatment + Cleaner - 20 Packets, Mulberry – Sewer...RV Holding Tank Deodorizer + Septic Tank Treatment + Cleaner - 20 Packets,...$$$$Capacity: 20.0 Ounces
Weight: 1.4 Pounds
Triple molecular technology
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RV Toilet Treatment Drop Ins - 24 Easy Flush Self-Dissolving RV Black Tank Treatment Packets -...RV Toilet Treatment Drop Ins - 24 Easy Flush Self-Dissolving RV Black Tank...$$$$Capacity: 24.0 Ounces
Weight: 0.5 Pounds
Enzyme deodorizers and waste digesters
Self-dissolving packets
Formaldehyde-free formula
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Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment - Liquid Toilet Treatment (16 Treatments, 32 oz.) -...Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment - Liquid Toilet Treatment (16...$$$$Capacity: 32.0 Ounces
Weight: 2.4 Pounds
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Camco TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs | Control Unwanted Odors and Break Down Waste and Tissue...Camco TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs | Control Unwanted Odors and...$$$$Capacity: 52.5 Ounces
Weight: 2.4 Pounds
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Walex Porta-Pak RV Black Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins, Fresh Scent, 10 Deodorizing PacketsWalex Porta-Pak RV Black Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins, Fresh Scent, 10...$$$$Capacity: 10.0 Ounces
Weight: 0.7 Pounds
Quick dissolving
Pre-packaged portions
Non-staining blue dye
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Walex Bio-Pak RV Black Holding Tank Deodorizer and Digester, Natural Enzyme Formula, Alpine Fresh...Walex Bio-Pak RV Black Holding Tank Deodorizer and Digester, Natural Enzyme...$$$$Capacity: 10.0 Ounces
Weight: 0.7 Pounds
Enzyme deodorizer and digester
Safe for septic systems
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Camco TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs | Control Unwanted Odors and Break Down Waste and Tissue...Camco TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs | Control Unwanted Odors and...$$$$Capacity: 30.0 Ounces
Weight: 3.5 Pounds
Soothing lavender scent
No pesticides and biocides
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Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated, 8-Pack (4 oz Bottle),TST Orange,41191Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated, 8-Pack (4 oz Bottle),TST Orange,41191$10.97Capacity: 32.0 Ounces
Weight: 3.0 Pounds
Citrus blend
No need for mixing and measuring
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Thetford EcoSmart FF Deodorant, 128-Ounce, Green (36967)Thetford EcoSmart FF Deodorant, 128-Ounce, Green (36967)$$$$Capacity: 128.0 Ounces
Weight: 6.5 Pounds
Detergent additives
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Thetford Campa-Chem Original 6 Pack 8 Ounce Bottles Holding Tank DeodorantThetford Campa-Chem Original 6 Pack 8 Ounce Bottles Holding Tank Deodorant$$$$Capacity: 48.0 Ounces
Weight: 2.2 Pounds
All-weather applications
Accelerated breakdown
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Energen Grey Water Tank Treatment - Holding Tank Odor Control and Cleaner - RV Water Tank Deodorizer...Energen Grey Water Tank Treatment - Holding Tank Odor Control and Cleaner -...$$$$Capacity: 32.0 Ounces
Weight: 2.3 Pounds
Natural and formaldehyde-free
Fresh mountain breeze scent
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TankTechsRx - RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner - 33.8 ounce = 68 treatments - All Natural...TankTechsRx - RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner - 33.8 ounce = 68...$$$$Capacity: 33.8 Ounces
Weight: 2.4 Pounds
Probiotic bacteria
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Thetford 10801 Aqua-KEM Original-Holding Tank Treatment-Deodorizer-Waste Digester-Detergent - 8...Thetford 10801 Aqua-KEM Original-Holding Tank Treatment-Deodorizer-Waste...$$$$Capacity: 48.0 Ounces
Weight: 0.5 Pounds
Pre-measured bottles
Cleansing detergents
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Best Treatments For RV Holding Tanks 

Different people have different preferences so the RV community is often at odds regarding the best RV holding tank treatment. That being said, if you want to get the most out of your money, it’s suggested that you pay special attention to these products

1. Happy Campers HC-64 – Best Of The Best 

Why This Is The Best:

Thanks to the concentrated water-activated mineral blend, Happy Campers HC-64 removes the odors instead of merely using other smells as covers like classic treatments. The composition of HC-64 lets it withstand temperature deviations so it works equally well in hot and cold environments too. In addition to that, since the Happy Campers treatment is rarely affected by residue chemicals, its overall performance is consistent. For year-round travel, HC-64 of Happy Campers is undoubtedly the best RV holding tank treatment money can buy nowadays. 

In use, one scoop (1 ounce) of the treatment from Happy Campers is able to treat a 40-gallon RV waste holding tank. Hence, after you pick up HC-64, it’s going to be quite some time before you need to stock up on tank treatment again. Also, Happy Campers HC-64 could break down an assortment of toilet papers including residential ones. That means with the treatment made by Happy Campers, there is no need to spend money on expensive toilet papers. 

Compared to its contemporaries, Happy Campers HC-64 is slightly expensive but that is expected considering its capacity. Aside from that, being a biodegradable product, the treatment of Happy Campers is environmentally-friendly and releases no harmful chemicals to the surrounding. 

What a relief when I found this, having tried so many useless things. It’s easy to use. I use one scoop, fill the bowl and dissolve it, stir with the brush to clean the bowl and brush at the same time, then flush it in. I put it in every time I have just dumped the tank. Mid summer I may put an extra scoop midway just in case or just dump the tank more frequently. This was a big panic item for me when I first got the trailer. It’s so nice to have this biodegradable, septic friendly, user friendly product. No calculations or counting the days. I am able to use normal single-ply paper, not the expensive, chemical laden “special” products; and I have had no plumbing issues despite it being an older trailer with no backwash. Every once in 6 months or a year I get the Happy Camper Extreme and let it soak in there to make sure everything is functional. I have been going fine for years with no problems. Very reliable product.

Shared by CAfromCA


  • Flexible 
  • Generous capacity 
  • Uncomplicated usage and storage 


  • Steep price 
  • People complain about products arriving in cracked containers 

2. Camco 41197 RV Toilet Treatment – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An  Editor’s Choice:

Utilizing a non-formaldehyde formula that is ultra-concentrated, Camco 41197 never fails to please owners of recreational vehicles in use. At a capacity of 128 ounces and takes only 2 ounces to address waste in a 40-gallon tank, the treatment made by Camco guarantees extended treatment intervals. Moreover, unlike typical products, 41197 could be dumped into the waste holding tanks at short notice without having to be diluted. Because of that, in terms of convenience, 41197 of Camco proves superior to standard tank treatments for RV on the market. 

Owing to its citrus scent, 41197 continuously keeps odor at bay which is a big plus for RVing enthusiasts that happen to have sensitive noses. Since the treatment from Camco comes in highly compact containers, storage tends to be less than an issue too. In the case that you own a small rig and don’t exactly have much space to spare, you should add Camco 41197 to your shortlist. Last but not least, with outstanding stability, 41197 holds up very well while requiring little attention from RVers. 

As for price, 41197 of Camco is distributed at a affordable cost so it fits the wallets of budget-minded RVers. Multiple holding tank treatment reviews rate 41197 as the best RV holding tank treatment once it comes to ease of acquisition. 

I’ve been RV camping for over ten years, and have run the gamut on RV holding tank treatments. From the blue drop ins to the fancy and expensive treatments. This orange stuff is, by far, the best solution for odor control, hands down. A couple ounces and you just don’t get any smell.

It’s actually one of two parts in my black tack maintenance regimen. Each year on our last camping trip, I fill the tank to about 2/3 before we break camp and add a different product called “Digest It” which does a great job of breaking down paper, solids and residue. It sloshes around on our drive home, and then I let it stew for several days. Then I dump it, fill the tank with fresh water, and dump it again. Finally, I put about a two quarts of water and a couple ounces of the TST orange in the tank and she’s ready for winter.

Then, throughout the camping season I just add a couple ounces of TST orange whenever I dump the black tank. The result of this two-part process is an odor free tank and sensors that generally work (although they can start to get a little sketchy toward the end of the camping season – pretty typical from what I understand).

In any event, for day-to-day 

Shared by Zac


  • Economical 
  • Hassle-free handling 
  • Fast shipping 


  • Packaging should be enhanced 
  • Reports of leakage show up on occasions 

3. Firebelly Outfitters RV Tank Deodorizer  – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Designed to incorporate triple molecular technology, Firebelly Outfitters Tank Deodorizer is capable of simultaneously encapsulating and neutralizing odors from waste holding tanks of recreational vehicles. With the ability to dissolve toilet paper rapidly, the treatment of Firebelly Outfitters keeps blockages to the minimum as well. That is why Firebelly Outfitters Tank Deodorizer adapts superbly to a wide range of arrangements. Additionally, the  Firebelly Outfitters treatment is a biodegradable product so it’s popular among eco-conscious enthusiasts of RVing that wish to protect the environment. 

One interesting thing about Firebelly Outfitters Tank Deodorizer is that it arrives in resealable bags that contain 20 packets each. To treat a conventional 40-gallon waste holding tank, all it takes is a single packet of the treatment from Firebelly Outfitters. For those that opt to avoid mess and lack the patience for preparation, measuring, … Firebelly Outfitters Tank Deodorizer is the best RV holding tank treatment. Available at a rather reasonable price, the treatment made by Firebelly Outfitters is also an attractive bargain for ordinary RVers. 

About storage, Firebelly Outfitters Tank Deodorizer occupies negligible amounts of space in the interior of RV and that is advantageous. Assuming that RVers keep the treatment of Firebelly Outfitters away from the elements, it would remain usable throughout the seasons. 

Where I have my camper they forgot to suck out out 2 holding tanks last winter.. I tried everything to try and get rid of the odor, nothing worked til I tried your product!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!!! No more ordor after the first use!!!!! I will only buy your product from now on!!!! It works wonders!!!! I’ve been telling everyone in our campground about your product…

Shared by Chris Pakosky


  • Versatile 
  • Low-priced 
  • No mess 


  • Quality control still leaves something to be desired 
  • Several users notice inconsistencies 

4. Cabin Obsession RV Toilet Treatment

Why We Love It:

With a formula that liquifies wastes and removes odors, Cabin Obsession Toilet Treatment keeps the septic system of recreational vehicles clean and free of clog. Distributed in self-dissolving packets, the treatment made by Cabin Obsession features no-fuss usage. For weekend trips, owners of recreational vehicles simply have to drop one packet of Cabin Obsession Toilet Treatment into the toilet and flush before leaving. If your trips last for many days, consider dropping several packers of the Cabin Obsession treatment at first and add another packet every few days.  

Integrating enzyme deodorizers and waste digesters in the composition, Cabin Obsession Toilet Treatment is safe for humans and environmentally-friendly. As it breaks down wastes, the treatment of Cabin Obsession simultaneously emits a fresh fragrance that lets everyone onboard relax. Because of that, Cabin Obsession Toilet Treatment is praised by a lot of RVers for its magnificent stress-reducing effect. The treatment from Cabin Obsession is cheap too so stocking up is going to be a cinch to most people. 

As proof of confidence,  Cabin Obsession offers those that decide to buy its product a reassuring 6-month money-back guarantee. So if you ever find Cabin Obsession Toilet Treatment not up to your liking, you could ask for a refund. 

The RV Toilet Treatment product arrived in a timely manner and was packaged well. It came with instructions on use and was easy to understand. I normally use bleach products but it states not to use bleach with it so I’ll be saving $ there! I used it a week or so ago and so far it is doing wonderfully! When flushing it seems like it flows a bit quicker going down and ALL the water leaves before the bowl refils, unlike before. I am very happy with the RV Toilet Treatment and will purchase again when needed.

Shared by CannA


  • Nice price 
  • Mess-free 
  • Breakdown rate is splendid


  • Shipping should be tweaked 
  • Erratic performance is noted infrequently

5. Unique RV Digest-IT Holding Tank Treatment

Why We Love It:

So you have trouble dislodging sludge build-ups in the waste holding tanks of your rig and need something strong? Then it’s suggested that you take a close look at Unique 413-1 and what it would do to accumulated wastes. Possessing a potent composition, 413-1 break down pretty much everything that it comes into contact with. Also, the treatment from Unique excels at controlling odors no matter the condition so you could maintain a clean atmosphere in and around your rig. 

Unique 413-1 is compatible with sensors, thus, its usage should have inconsequential impacts on the operation and level of accuracy of the average waste management systems. Naturally, the treatment of Unique is prized by owners of recreational vehicles that have tight schedules and need to know how much waste they have. Besides that, with simple storage requirements, 413-1 is easy to take care of on the road. The container that Unique 413-1 comes in takes a bit of space too so RVers don’t have to rearrange the entire interior to accommodate it. 

At 32 ounces, the treatment made by Unique is usually enough to sustain various treatment operations. In addition, since 413-1 is inexpensive, people could stock it up at any time without having to cut back key expenses. 

Best product for black water tank on a RV!

I have been using this product now for several months and found that my tanks drain faster and cleaner. This product is by far the BEST I have found to clean up black/gray water tank issues on a RV. I live in my RV full-time which I enjoy very much and I can without a doubt recommend Unique RV Digest-IT Holding Tank Treatment! This product was shipped in a plastic envelope and arrived intact with no leaking

Shared RCflyboy65


  • Impressive digestion 
  • Space-saving containers 
  • Stability is top-notch 


  • A couple of treatment containers seem damaged on arrival 
  • Overall performance often fluctuates slightly in hot weather 

6. Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Orange 41183

Why We Love It:

In the case that you like the idea of Camco 41197 but seek minimal mess while traveling, Camco 41183 is the best RV toilet treatment for you. Like other products in the series, the treatment made by Camco boasts fresh citrus scent and an ultra-concentrated formula. That being said, instead of liquid, 41183 is a powdered treatment sealed in small-sized pods. As a result, by stocking up 41183 of Camco, owners of recreational vehicles could treat waste holding tanks and keep their rig clean with relative ease. 

One 41183 pod is adequate to treat a 40-gallon tank so RVers don’t have to spend much time measuring the amount of treatment to use. Furthermore, featuring formaldehyde-free composition, the Camco treatment is friendly to the environment as well. Therefore, Camco 41183 is a great choice for enthusiasts of RVing that wish to have a good time in the outdoors without causing damage to nature. Finally, since 41183 is a low-priced product, squeezing it into the spending plan is essentially a walk in the park. 

Upon purchase, Camco 41183 comes in a robust plastic box that packs all of its pods. Every time RVers need to treat wastes in the holding tanks, they only have to grab some pods and leave the rest in the box. 


  • Reasonable price 
  • Sublime box
  • Odor control is outstanding 


  • Pods tend to break open over time  
  • Delivery service is less than ideal 

7. Walex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer

Why We Love It:

Basic and practical, Walex Porta-Pak (TOI-91799) is a must-have for RVers that travel extensively and need no-nonsense treatments for waste holding tanks. Incorporating a fantastic formula that emphasizes odor control, Porta-Pak (TOI-91799) could block smell from wastes up to a week. The treatment of Walex is also a quick-dissolving product that takes effect rather fast and swiftly breaks down wastes. Hence, regarding utility, Walex Porta-Pak (TOI-91799) is by all accounts the best RV holding tank treatment available for purchase. 

It’s worth pointing out that the treatment made by Walex reaches the market in handy pre-packaged portions with zipper bags included for storage. That is why owners of recreational vehicles would have no trouble using and storing Porta-Pak (TOI-91799) on the road. Whenever enthusiasts of RVing decide to treat the wastes on their rig, a portion of Walex Porta-Pak (TOI-91799) is enough for a 40-gallon tank. Normally, several bags of the treatment from Walex should be all RVers need for waste management in a travel season. 

Walex Porta-Pak (TOI-91799) is sold at a price that everyone could accept so stocking it up is a breeze. As it’s free of formaldehyde, the Walex treatment releases no toxic substances to the environment and that is nice. 


  • Easy to store 
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Straightforward usage 


  • Certain bags comes with portions sticking together 
  • Users sometimes receive expired stocks 

8. Walex TOI-11530 Bio-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer

Why We Love It:

With the integration of enzyme deodorizer and digester in the composition, Bio-Pak (TOI-11530) of Walex rapidly gets rid of odors and breaks down wastes. Even the toughest of toilet paper would disintegrate the moment it comes into contact with the tank treatment from Walex. Packing fresh alpine scent, Bio-Pak (TOI-11530) allows owners of recreational vehicles to fill the space with pleasant fragrance too. Because of that, Walex Bio-Pak (TOI-11530) both eliminates the need for toilet paper and boosts the mood of RVers. 

As a powdered product that is sealed in packets, Bio-Pak (TOI-11530) could be put to use at any time. To treat the wastes in a conventional 40-gallon holding tank, RVers just need one packet of the treatment of Walex. The entire packet dissolves but it’s widely advised to disperse packet contents using water to achieve the optimal result. Thanks to its lubricating characteristics, Walex Bio-Pak (TOI-11530) smoothen the operation septic system which makes it the best RV black tank treatment for large-party travel on the market. 

In terms of storage, Bio-Pak (TOI-11530) takes up little space inside rigs so finding a fitting spot for it is a piece of cake. The stability of the treatment made by Walex is marvelous, therefore, it’s less vulnerable to elements than its competitors. 


  • Affordable 
  • Refreshing 
  • Second to none adaptability 


  • Shipping requires improvements here and there 
  • RVers occasionally complain about getting bags of treatments with missing packets 

9. Camco 41553 TST Ultra-Concentrated

Why We Love It:

Engineered for enthusiasts of RVing that don’t like to spend all day on waste treatment, Camco 41553 dissolves quickly and accelerates the breakdown of wastes. Since it’s ultra-concentrated, 41553 is able to treat considerable amounts of wastes: one pouch is enough to take care of a 40-gallon holding tank. Additionally, with lavender-scented oil, the treatment made by Camco would trap odors in the holding tanks for a week. Thus, Camco 41553 performs terrifically in an assortment of sewer arrangements of modern-day recreational vehicles. 

The absence of harmful pesticides and biocides in the formula means the treatment from Camco is extremely safe to use. In times of need, RVers could use 41553 to deal with the wastes of portable toilets. As a result,  numerous owners of recreational vehicles who like to have multi-purpose products think of Camco 41553 as the best RV holding tank treatment. Lastly, being sold at a competitive price, the Camco treatment is simple to stock up without necessitating significant budget modifications. 

Camco 41553 is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly, hence, its usages have no negative effects on nature. Regarding storage, 41553 of Camco is distributed in space-saving bags of pouches so there is no need to leave behind items to take it along. 


  • Fair cost 
  • Fantastic safety 
  • Long-lasting odor control 


  • Particular bags of treatment come with destroyed pouches  
  • Pouches disintegrate as time passes by 

10. Camco TST Orange Ultra-Concentrated 41191

Why We Love It:

Only travel every now and then but still need a treatment that could tackle accumulated wastes and the associated odors? If that happens to be the case, you would undoubtedly come to like 41191 of Camco. Coming in packs of bottles, the treatment from Camco is convenient to use and it smoothly squeezes in narrow space. When it’s time to treat the waste holding tanks, all you need to do is to empty one bottle of 41191 straight into each tank. 

A bottle of Camco 41191 contains 4 ounces of treatment and that is more than adequate for a 40-gallon waste holding tank. If you pick up 41191, you don’t have to bother with mixing and measuring which saves a lot of time. Moreover, since the treatment made by Camco integrates a citrus blend, it’s good at addressing the odor of waste. By adding Camco 41191 to your rig, keeping the atmosphere in the interior pleasant is going to be child’s play. 

Being an economical product, the treatment from Camco is the best RV holding tank treatment for those that don’t like to spend big bucks. The availability of 41191 is top-notch as well so owners of recreational vehicles could stock it up everywhere they go. 


  • Stable 
  • Great smell 
  • Capacity is quite decent 


  • Quality control could use some work 
  • People report bottles of treatment showing up damaged intermittently 

11. Thetford EcoSmart FF Deodorant 36967

Why We Love It:

From human wastes to toilet paper, Thetford EcoSmart (36967) breaks down anything that it touches in a blink of an eye . Also, with superior odor control, EcoSmart (36967) could trap smells in holding tanks and stop them from escaping into the surrounding. That is why the Thetford treatment manages to keep clogs of the septic system to the minimum and freshen the air at the same time. In addition, by including detergent additives in the formula, EcoSmart (36967) of Thetford facilitates the cleaning of waste holding tanks too. 

The treatment from Thetford is a liquid product that comes in 128-ounce bottles and to treat a 50-gallon tank, RVers just need to use 4 ounces. Hence, if you buy EcoSmart (36967), you would have enough treatment for months on the road. It’s noteworthy that EcoSmart (36967) of Thetford is biodegradable as well as free of formaldehyde. Needless to say, for enthusiasts of RVing that wish to protect nature, the treatment of Thetford is certainly one of the best RV toilet chemicals

At first glance, EcoSmart (36967) appears to be far more pricey than regular treatments for waste holding tanks of recreational vehicles. However, the generous capacity of the treatment made by Thetford and its wonderful performance in use match its price tag. 


  • No-nonsense storage 
  • Consistent performance 
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly


  • RVers experience problem with stains from time to time 
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other tank treatments 

12. Thetford Campa-Chem Holding Tank Deodorant

Why We Love It:

While Thetford Campa-Chem lacks exceptional traits, it remains a good buy for enthusiasts of RVing that want solid treatments for waste s holding tanks. Boasting a stable composition that works in variable conditions, the treatment made by Thetford proves well-suited all-weather applications. Furthermore, Campa-Chem is environmentally-friendly so owners of recreational vehicles don’t have to worry too much about disposal. Even the bottles that Thetford Campa-Chem comes in could be recycled with relative ease. 

When it enters the waste holding tanks, Campa-Chem liquifies wastes and toilet papers fast which decreases the odds of clogs in the septic system. Owing to its impressive ability to break down matters, the treatment from Thetford permits people to use whatever types of toilet papers that they prefer. Aside from that, with the presence of detergents, Thetford Campa-Chem washes away stains in the tanks effectively and efficiently. Therefore, Campa-Chem is highly sought after by RVers that have few opportunities to thoroughly clean the waste holding tanks.

With sublime odor control, Campa-Chem of Thetford locks the smell of wastes inside holding tanks for a long time. Because of that, with Campa-Chem, RVers rarely have to put up with nasty odors as they travel between locations. 


  • Inexpensive 
  • Superb temperature tolerance 
  • Accelerated breakdown rate 


  • Price deviates once in a while 
  • Customer service must be overhauled 

13. Energen RV Water Tank Deodorizer 

Why We Love It:

Utilizing solely natural ingredients, Energen Grey Water Treatment is free of formaldehyde so it’s safe for enthusiasts of RVing as well as the environment. Made from the ground up with a focus on deodorizing, the Energen treatment lets RVers remove odors swiftly and effortlessly. Additionally, Energen Grey Water Treatment leaves behind a fresh mountain breeze scent after use too. Hence, once it comes to control over waste odor, the treatment of Energen only falls behind a number of products. 

On arrival, the treatment made by Energen comes in 32-ounce bottles and since RVers just need approximately 2 ounces per treatment, a bottle lasts for months. For owners of recreational vehicles that routinely hit the road during particular seasons of the year, Energen Grey Water Treatment is a nice product. The bottles of treatment from Energen could also be placed in every corner of recreational vehicles. That is why with Energen Grey Water Treatment around, optimizing space in the interior is going to be a cakewalk. 

Regarding cost, the Energen treatment is budget-friendly so it’s fairly simple to keep a sufficient stock on hand.  As Energen Grey Water Treatment possesses a terrific lifespan, RVers would use up their stocks well before they go bad. 


  • Soothing smell 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Excellent packaging 


  • Treating effects vary a bit from case to case 
  • Delivery service is mediocre 

14. TankTechsRx TTRx32 RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner

Why We Love It:

Instead of formaldehyde, TTRx32 of TankTechsRx relies on probiotic bacteria to liquify wastes in the holding tanks of recreational vehicles. Since it’s an unscented product, TTRx32 is capable of getting rid of odors without resorting to masking smells too. Because of that, the treatment from TankTechsRx is held in high esteem by lots of RVers from novices to veterans. Since TankTechsRx TTRx32 comes at a competitive price, most owners of recreational vehicles could pick it up at any time. 

About usage, 2 ounce of the treatment of TankTechsRx is adequate to treat a standard waste holding tank of recreational vehicles. Bacteria multiply as time passes by so there is no need to modify the amount of treatment for specific tanks. With TTRx32 being sold in 33.8-ounce bottles, which would provide 68 treatments per bottle, RVers just have to stock up their treatment supply now and then. The bottles of TankTechsRx TTRx32 have a small build, thus, it’s easy to arrange and organize them on rigs.

TankTechsRx TTRx32 requires no special conditions in terms of storage so enthusiasts of RVing don’t have to spend much time taking care of it. Unsurprisingly, the treatment made by TankTechsRx is appreciated by those that have little time to spare for storage of chemical solutions and seek something strong.


  • Odorless 
  • Well-written owners manual 
  • Commendable values for the price 


  • Sporadic odor containment failures  
  • Unable to deal with accumulated sludges 

15. Thetford 10801 Aqua-KEM Holding Tank Treatment-Deodorizer

Why We Love It:

Made with concentrated deodorant, Thetford Aqua-Kem (10801) chemically neutralizes the foul odor of wastes upon contact and leaves a lasting fresh fragrance in the interior. Able to liquify wastes and toilet papers in a flash, Aqua-Kem (10801) keeps the septic system of rigs from getting clogged on the road too. Being a 100% biodegradable product that works 24/7 and across weather, the Thetford treatment performs marvelously in an assortment of settings and causes no damages to nature. As a result, Aqua-Kem (10801) of Thetford is among the best RV holding tank chemicals

Coming in packs of pre-measured bottles, the treatment from Thetford could be used to treat wastes the moment it’s out of the packaging. The bottles of  Aqua-Kem (10801) resist temperature deviations well so RVing enthusiasts don’t have to do much regarding storage. To treat a 40-gallon tank, all people need is a bottle of Thetford Aqua-Kem (10801). Interestingly, when the need arises, it’s possible to mix the treatment of Thetford with antifreeze solutions before winterizing rigs. 

Thetford Aqua-Kem (10801) is distributed at a price that fits the shopping budget of the average owners of recreational vehicles. If you happen to be short on cash but still like to own a decent treatment for waste holding tanks, Aqua-Kem (10801) is for you. 


  • Attractive cost 
  • Stable and dependable 
  • Simple to store 


  • People get packs with missing bottles 
  • Restricted in certain locations 

How To Select The Best RV Holding Tank Treatment

Treatments for waste tanks of recreational vehicles have numerous characteristics but to make an investment that you don’t regret, it’s imperative that you memorize the criteria down below

Effectiveness And Efficiency

With wastes in the holding tanks steadily accumulating over time, you have to rely on your treatment to break them down and block the smell. Thus, while assessing products on the market, you must take effectiveness and efficiency into account. You should be able to acquire a general idea regarding the way particular treatments work by checking out their composition. Still, as a precaution, it’s strongly recommended that you go through several customer reviews and gather relevant details prior to making up your mind. 


Managing waste tanks is tough as it is so you don’t need to make things worse by using an RV holding tank deodorizer with complex usage and demanding storage. Owning an expensive premium-grade product is pointless if you simply lack the means to put it to good use. To avoid headaches, you should think about your convenience on the road and decide the suitability of market treatments accordingly. That would let you reduce the number of treatments on your shortlist and save time. 


The amount of wastes that could be treated varies greatly between treatments which is why capacity is a crucial consideration. To deduce the ideal capacity for your RV septic tank cleaner, it’s widely advised that you use the waste holding tanks of your rig and your party as guidelines. If you tend to travel on your own and your rig carries typical tanks, a standard product is likely adequate. On the other hand, if you head out alongside many people and the tanks of your rig happen to be huge, prioritize high capacity treatments. 


Compared to conventional products, biodegradable treatments take less time to disintegrate and they don’t release chemicals that may harm the environment in the process. Because of that, as you seek the best RV holding tank treatment for your recreational vehicle, it’s essential that you give biodegradability some thought. Usually, if a product is indeed biodegradable then its label is going to state such. In the case that you have trouble determining whether a certain treatment is biodegradable, get in touch with its maker. 


RVing involves plenty of expenses that need to be addressed so before every purchase, cost is the focus of lots of owners of recreational vehicles. Nowadays, there is no need to commit big bucks to pick up decent RV black water tank chemicals but you still have to be thorough. One way to secure an appropriate product without overspending is to compile a list of desired attributes and proceed to locate treatments that match it. In addition, it never hurt to ask for recommendations from RV communities near your area.

Types Of Treatments For RV Holding Tanks 

The number of treatments for holding tanks of RV is big but only two types of products exist on today’s market: tablet and liquid. 

  • Tablet Tank Treatments: Easy to handle and convenient to manipulate, tablet tank treatments earn a shower of praise from no-nonsense enthusiasts of RVing. Thanks to the outstanding adaptability, products of the type work superly in an assortment of environments. To use tablet tank treatments, it’s necessary to let them dissolve properly in water.
  • Liquid Tank Treatments: While they indeed take a bit more effort to store than their tablet counterpart, liquid tank treatments still perform fantastically in use. The fluid nature of products of the type allows them to swiftly spread through the tanks and break down wastes. It’s worth pointing out that some liquid tank treatments should be diluted prior to use but others could be dumped straight into the tanks.

Popular Brands Of RV Holding Tank Treatments

A lot of brands sell dedicated tank treatments for recreational vehicles but in terms of popularity, a couple of names stand out from the rest 


Once it comes to recreational vehicles and associated goods, Camco is by all accounts one of the most reputable brands. Needless to say, tank treatments made by Camco prove to be excellent choices for enthusiasts of RVing that love traveling. 


Owing to substantial experience in making RV-oriented products, Valterra knows what owners of recreational vehicles require on the road. You value consistency and regularity? Then it’s suggested that you keep an eye out for tank treatments of Valterra.

Happy Campers

By constantly optimizing the composition of its tank treatments, Happy Campers is capable of delivering solid products that work like a charm in multiple conditions. Moreover, being distributed at reasonable prices, Happy tank treatments from Campers match the shopping budgets of ordinary enthusiasts of RVing. 


With an eco-conscious mindset, TankTechsRx manages to create terrific treatments that happen to be both environmentally-friendly and effective. Unsurprisingly, green-minded owners of recreational vehicles usually think highly of TankTechsRx and its treatments. 

FAQs About RV Holding Tank Treatments

Could tank treatments for RV break down residential toilet papers? 

That depends on the products you use but to minimize odds of blockages, you should stick to RV toilet papers. Compared to their residential counterparts, toilet papers for recreational vehicles pack a rather low ply count so tank treatments could quickly break them down. 

How much treatment do I need to use? 

The amount of tank treatment to use tends to deviate from case to case but the more waste you have, the more treatment you need. Many products on the market come with instructions on estimating necessary amounts for holding tanks. 

Is it important to adhere to a schedule while treating wastes? 

On average, people must treat wastes in RV holding tanks at least once a week. However, for large-party travel, the treating interval may need to be shortened a bit. 

Should I mix tank treatments? 

Regardless of composition, it’s unwise to mix tank treatments as that could lead to unpredictable chemical reactions in use. In the case that you plan to reuse treatment containers, you have to clean them thoroughly to remove the residues.

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  1. I bought Walex treatment for my RV and it worked very well. I did not smell any chemicals or foul odor at all while camping until I drained my tanks. The sludge was jellified and it was really easy to just rinse everything off. Before when my boyfriend would dump it, he would be gagging and complaining about it like a little sissy but now he can put his big man jeans on and just dump the crap without pitching a hissy fit!!


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