40+ Best RV Apps Every Camper Should Know In 2022

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Although we should pay full attention to nature when retreating to the great outdoors, that does not mean we have to sacrifice comfort. In fact, mindfully-applied technology can enhance your camping trips. Fortunately, from navigation to trip planning to finding the perfect hiking trail, the best RV apps have you covered. There’s an app for it all! 

In 2022, there is definitely some app out there that can satisfy your camping needs, whatever it is. The only problem is there are way too many apps to choose from. 

To save you from enough troubles preparing for your trips, we’ve done the hard work of sorting through the top rated apps on the market to determine the best of the best RV apps for road trips and camping.

rv apps
Handy RV apps will complete your camping experience.

We’ve divided up this guide into different categories that can help you plan, navigate, and enjoy your road trip: multifunctional apps, RV navigation app, money saving app, app for finding accommodation, campground and parking, RV trip planner app, entertainment and outdoor activities app, weather forecast, and other essential apps. 

Behold, the ultimate guide to the best RV apps, including free RV apps as well as a few paid apps, all of which are worth every penny.

Best RV Apps: Multifunctional

AllStays ($9.99) 

You can download many free RV apps at once for different needs, or for a lifetime expense of only $9.99, you can get everything you would ever need for an RV trip in one app: AllStays. The one time fee (with NO advertisements) offers lifetime free updates.

This massive all in one RV guide helps you find campgrounds, supermarkets, dump stations, gas stations, plus other RV services and overnight stops. The advanced filter features help you get exactly what you need.

There are six main categories:

  • Camping: including parks;
  • Low clearances;
  • RV related businesses, including dealers and service centers;
  • Rest areas with and without amenities;
  • Stores and supermarkets;
  • Truck Stops.
all-in-one rv app
$10 well spent with this all in one RV app.

The offline access feature comes in handy when there’s no cell service. One useful tip is to view the map ahead of time and at the desired level of zoom. This will allow the map to load in offline mode.

To save money with AllStays, filter your search to look for free dump stations, free or cheaper options for RV camping and parking. 

Full-time RVers often remark that AllStays is well worth its price. For freebies, check out these handy RV navigation app and more to save some money and have a hassle-free, enjoyable vacation in your RV:

Best RV Apps: Navigation

Navigation is a huge category. Below are the absolute best RV navigation apps that are testified by millions of seasoned RVers and campers. 

RV Trip Wizard

The Google Map for RVers and always rated as the top RV navigation app. This is handy since an RV is bulky, certain roads might be too small or dangerous to drive on. Just like truck-tailored navigation apps for truck drivers, having both Google Map and RV Trip Wizard will be ideal.

Google Maps 

A must-have real-time navigation app that every driver should download. One big plus is you can download maps to use offline, which is great for off-roading. A highlight of Google Maps is the way it complements Google Trips by seamlessly mapping out the attractions and reservations that you’ve saved in the trip planning app.

RV navigation app
A real-time navigation app is a must-have when traveling.

CoPilot GPS 

Millions of RVers and truckers swear by CoPilot, which offers offline maps, clear directions and trip planning features.


Waze is great for driving in and near the cities. This handy navigation app informs you about traffic, construction, crashes, police and other roadblocks in real time. These excellent features make Waze super popular with Uber drivers and city commuters trying to cut down on travel time.

Roadtrippers (Free and Paid)

If you’ve always wondered what stops to make during your road trip, Roadtrippers has the answer. The app helps you find quirky roadside attractions, scenic points, and parks, and you can save trips or places as you go. 

free RV trip planner apps
Search for scenic stops along your route with Roadtrippers.

There are a free and a paid version. The free version only includes up to seven waypoints, based on the fact that a lot of people make trips with 8 points or less, and content is better in more populated regions. The paid version costs $29.99.


A must-download app for navigating a new area, with a giant database of reviewed campgrounds, restaurants, services, and entertainment venues.

This mobile app is great for finding everything from a good veterinarian to the best happy hour in town. You can also save money with Yelp by looking for check-in offers and discounts to Yelp users.


Similar to Yelp, Foursquare is another popular community review app that will help you find all the best local hangouts, hot spots, restaurants and all kinds of services.

Around Me 

This app is the winner of  the Time Magazine Best App award. Just passing through and need to find a bank, grocery store or movie theater? Around Me will help you locate anything you might need with a simple swipe. 

Best RV Apps: Money Saving Apps


When you’re driving an RV on long trips, finding cheap fuel is key to saving money. Compares fuel prices to help you find the cheapest gas station nearby. 

In large RVs, you can spend up to $1,000 per fill for a 250 gallon tank. 

With GasBuddy, you may find that one gas station is 10 cents per gallon cheaper than another a mile down the street, which will save you a few dozen dollars per fill. In the long term, these savings will add up to quite a sizable sum.

Krazy Coupon Lady 

This popular coupon app will help you find the best deals on groceries and pretty much anything else you might need, making dining in your RV even more affordable. 


Yelp will find the best deals and happy hours around your location. 

Best RV Apps: Accommodation, Campground and Parking

Harvest Hosts ($79/year)

Looking for unique overnight RV camping experiences for a change? Instead of spending the night at RV campgrounds, how would you like to wake up on a vineyard or on a farm? 

best RV apps accommodation
How about stopping over at a farm?

Harvest Hosts is a membership program that offers RVers unique camping opportunities across the United States and Canada. You can patronize a local business and spend the night on their property. 

For $79/year, members have access to a listing of 900+ hosts around the United States, Canada and Mexico. Each host listing contains information such as GPS coordinates, max RV length, number of spaces, pet policy, facilities and reviews.

My Pilot

The My Pilot app from Pilot and Flying J helps you find nearby places to gas up or take care of all your other RV travel stop needs. In addition to filtering locations, you can also check fuel prices and contact any business from the app. 

Everyone’s favorite feature is the ability to enter your trip’s start and end point and have the app show you all the nearby stops or locations on your route. This smart feature will save you time and money. 

RV Parky 

Built by a full-time RVer, this must-have RV app offers a guide to RV parks, campgrounds, rest stops, gas stations and stores, as well as low clearance warnings and a trip planner.

It is loved for being a useful blend of a map, a directory, RV park info, and reviews. The GPS and map settings are particularly handy when looking for a campground in your location. 

RV app campground park
Search for campgrounds and parks with the many handy RV apps.

National Parks

A database of national parks with everything you need to know, including reviews, recommendations, points-of-interest with GPS coordinates, and interactive maps. 

RV Parks & Campgrounds
 Plus ($9.99)

Find the perfect RV park from a database of over 40,000 commercial RV parks across North America, sorted by rating and user reviews from other campers.

Camp & RV By Allstays ($9.99) 

This app isn’t free, but there’s a reason thousands of RVers swear by it: With information on all kinds of RV campgrounds, parking lots (including Walmart), rest stops, etc., it may end up being the best $9.99 you ever spent. 

We Camp Here ($3.99)

This app is an alternative to the Camp & RV Campgrounds Plus App. It comes at a competitive price, however many RVers still think Campgrounds Plus is better and well worth its one time fee of $9.99. 

best RV apps campgrounds
Save money by filtering for free or cheap campgrounds with RV apps.

Best RV Apps: RV Trip Planner Free


This highly rated app will help you discover new destinations and organize your road trip itineraries. 

Roadside America 

This fun and unique app will help you discover all the weird and wonderful attractions that the United States has to offer. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for Android.

RV trip planner free apps
RV trip planner free apps will help you discover great attractions to add to your initerary.

Google Trips 

Not just for RVers, Google Trips is an all-around great trip planning app that manages all your plans in one place, helping you plan and explore new cities along your route.

Best RV Apps: Entertainment & Outdoor Adventures


This app needs no introduction. No road trip is complete without some good tunes. Get access to millions of songs with Spotify, a must-have for music lovers and campers alike. The premium subscription is well worth its price, which allows you to listen to music offline and without the annoying ads. 


A must-have and one of the best RV apps for adventurers. Whether you are seasoned hikers, bikers, runners or nature walkers, this app will be your guide to more than 50,000 trails, with maps, trail reviews and photos from its community of users. 

best RV apps for adventure
Discover scenic trails with the many apps for outdoor activities.

The Outbound Collective

A super fun app that will provide you with an array of adventure-oriented activities. The highly appreciated comprehensive, quirky filters will help you discover local hot springs, under-the-radar hikes, and more interesting gems with plenty of photos. 

Add spices to your camping trip with some bodysurfing, kiteboarding, yoga, and cliff jumping.

MTB Project

This app is definitely one of the best RV apps for bikers.

No app is better than MTB Project in showing you mountain biking trails, with offline maps, full GPS route info, elevation profiles, interactive features, photos, and topographical trail maps. 

SkyView Lite

Stargazing is the ideal way to spend a night outdoors in the wild. This free app uses your phone’s camera to identify stars, constellations, planets and other celestial objects in the night sky. 

best RV apps astronomy
Stargazing made perfect with these astronomy apps.

Star Walk 2 ($2.99) 

Star Walk 2 uses your phone’s gyroscope and location tracking to present an augmented reality view of the sky above you. You can tap on a star to see a 3D model and read more about it. It’s available for a one-time $2.99 purchase. 

Sky Safari 5 ($2.99) 

Another $2.99 well spent with this powerful offline astronomy app. Help you explore the universe through beautiful animations, photographs, descriptions and NASA spacecraft images. 

REI Co-op National Parks Guide 

This app is your comprehensive guide to hiking and sightseeing in National Parks in the United States, including bucket-list destinations like Zion, Grand Canyon, Mount Rainier and more. 

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder 

This handy RV app lets you search nearby national parks, state parks or national forests not just by location but also by activity, like bird watching or fishing. 

best RV app park
Search for parks by location and activities with many free RV apps.

Best RV Apps: Weather Forecast


A good weather app is important when you’re traveling and camping in the wild. Remember to keep track of weather on the go and before every time you start to roll with the many free weather apps available.

Among the many weather apps out there, AccuWeather is probably the most reliable. Beyond hourly and daily forecasts, the app has information on air quality and provides severe weather updates, plus handy customization features.


A unique feature of this app is the animated weather radar displays for your current location. 

Dark Sky ($3.99) 

Dark Sky gives you hyperlocal, real time weather forecasts in a format that’s both pleasing and easy to understand. Free for Android with in-app purchases, or a $3.99 one-time purchase for Apple.

Best RV Apps: Other Essentials

RV Checklist

There are many things to manage with an RV, like latching all the cabinets before the wheels rool, or crank up the stabilizers. Never forget these things again with the RV Checklist app with your own customizable list and easy features for checking off items. 

It’s built around your needs and super easy to customize.

PackPoint travel packing list

When you camp a lot, packing is a major hassle, with a million major and minor items to bring along. Worry not, PackPoint makes it easy with the ability to create, reuse, and export packing lists. 

You can conveniently create and manage categories, even set up reminders and notifications so that you don’t forget essential items.

Sani Dumps

This app provide the number one essential need of all RVers –a convenient place to dump your holding tanks. If you love to boondock or dry camp or you just happen to need a place to empty the tanks, the Sani Dump app is the answer.

This app provides a simple map to help you find the nearest RV dump location along with information about price, hours and contact info.

Coverage? ($2.99)

This app is especially helpful if you have to work online during your trip. Now you can easily discover where you can camp with a great signal, without having to drive far only to find that your camp spot has no cell coverage.

Free WiFi Finder 

This app allow you to scan nearby areas for all available WiFi internet, sorted by free and paid. 

Some WiFi finder apps even offer an offline record of all known free WiFi areas in your area.

History Here 

Just for fun, this app provides an interactive, location-based guide to historic locations. Great for exploring new places along your route.

Offline Survival Manual 

This highly rated app is essential for camping in the wild, especially if you are an adventure lover. Fully functional offline, it contains survival information on how to find food, build a shelter, make a fire and more. 

First Aid By American Red Cross 

When you are off-roading in remote areas, this app will come in handy during an emergency situation. Developed by the American Red Cross, First Aid will teach you essential first aid skills. 

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